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Are your designs bespoke?

Yes, all of our designs are bespoke to each individual client’s requirements.

Do you cover my area?

Yes, Julius Bahn are nationwide, covering the whole of the United Kingdom.

Do Julius Bahn handle planning permission?

Yes, our internal planning department will handle any applications as necessary.

What is an Orangery?

The design of an orangery would typically incorporate a flat roof and a lantern providing the perfect balance between sunlight and shade. Orangeries originated in the 17th century on exclusive residences as a symbol of wealth. Its purpose was to provide a mild climate for the cultivation of delicate fruit such as oranges.

What is the difference between an Orangery, a Conservatory and a Garden Room?

The orangery design simply introduces an element of traditional shallow pitched roof to enable extensions to be designed below first floor windows, whilst allowing natural light flow into the centre of the room through the lantern.

How to Heat an Orangery or a Garden Room

A question we rarely get asked at Julius Bahn as our insulated roofs afford great heat retention. Simple underfloor electrical heating usually suffices.

How much does a Julius Bahn Orangery cost?

It can save you tens of thousands of pounds if you decide to build a cheap conservatory that needs replacing in five years but in monetary terms our average 5m x 4m orangery costs around £40,000 + VAT.


Why Oak over other available materials?

Oak is a robust material and many of the traditional techniques developed thousands of years ago such as mortise and tenon joints secured with seasoned oak pegs are still used today due to the durability and longevity. An oak framed building is built to last and will not require replacing within your lifetime.

Our oak is sustainably sourced and all our processes are as eco-friendly as possible.

The subtle and natural appearance of an oak frame blends timelessly with almost every style of property, not only adding value but enhancing your lifestyle.

What type of Oak do you use for your projects?

Projects containing fixed glazing are created using seasoned Oak from our own drying yards, ensuring the highest quality beams are chosen for each project. We only use Green Oak for projects which do not contain glazing e.g. garages, as the moisture levels in the wood is much higher in green oak. This means whilst the frame settles and strengthens after installation there could be more movement from green oak than expected with seasoned oak which could impact on any glazing elements, so just to be sure we always used seasoned oak where fixed glazing occurs in the design.

All our joinery is made with kiln dried oak to reduce the level of expected movement further.

Does the Oak require any treatment?

All natural materials will need an element of protection externally. Oak simply needs to be kept waterproof by applying an oil based solution. This prevents any significant movement and keeps the building watertight. We recommend following the guidelines of your chosen protection manufacturer, which usually suggest application every 6-12 months as necessary. There are two aesthetic options of protection that is of each individual’s personal choice, to maintain the natural honey colour choose a solution containing UV filters and to allow the oak to silver down/ turn grey choose a solution without UV filters. Both options will still provide adequate waterproofing protection.

Show House

Do you have a show house we can visit?

Yes, we have two show sites available to visit by appointment. One in Swindon, South Staffordshire and the other in Alton, Hampshire. Both have a range of our projects available to view, please contact us to book a viewing appointment.

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